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How do I prepare for a reading? First off, please do not provide me with any information about your pet until I ask for it during the reading. I want all the information to come from your pet clean and untainted. Get comfortable in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted or be distracted. Have a pen/paper available in case you want to take notes.

Why do you only do phone readings? I don't want any visual/auditory distractions that would come up doing a reading in person or on video. I also don't want to be interpreting an animals body language in a reading.

Can others join my reading? A reading is a private experience and it is not recommended you have others with you.

Does the animal need to be present? No I do not need the animal present or to have a photo of the animal.

Can you read an animal that is passed? Yes, your pet's spirit is energy which is what I am connecting with and it doesn't matter how long they have been gone.

Can I get a reading for a friend/neighbor? No. I only connect with the owner of the animal as there is already a connection between both of you.

Can I get a reading on a lost pet? No, at this time I do not do lost animal readings. However I can pass your contact information onto our lost animals group and there are several animal communicators who will assist for free.

What is your cancellation policy? All sessions are paid for in advance. No refunds issued for sessions cancelled within 48 hours of scheduled session. Reasonable efforts will be made to reschedule your session that is cancelled within the 48 hour window.

What if there aren't any available times listed on your schedule that fit my schedule? Please contact me by phone or at 

Will Reiki heal/harm my animal? Reiki sessions are only meant to be a complimentary adjunct to proper veterinary care. An animal would not be harmed by Reiki. With Let Animals Lead Reiki the animal has the choice of how much energy healing they want/need.

Testimonial: I was unable to take my dog Mia in the car with me due to her always getting sick. I tried car sickness medicine, anxiety medicine and nothing seemed to work. After working with Carla, I can take Mia in the car with no problem whatsoever. She doesn't get sick or upset at all. Thank you, Carla. Michele H.
Testimonial: I would like to thank Carla for doing a reading on my girl, Roxy. Roxy came from a breeder at 4 ½ months and was never socialized and has many fears. She has helped my girl greatly. Roxy is afraid of shadows and will not come in my living room during the day. I need to pull blinds, close curtains and turn on a light. She has been coming in the living room during the day much more than she was. She is more social with visitors. Carla has given me pointers on how to help her more using EMT (tapping) for her fear and anxiety. I greatly recommend her to do readings on your pets. Mary H.
Testimonial: Rory was adopted so we had no idea of his past. After he talked with Carla, I was able to understand what kind of background he came from and what my son and I needed to do to help him adjust. She was also able to help Rory calm down after we moved and settle in our new home. Tammie B.
Testimonial: Carla did a great job with my cat’s reading. I wanted to find out how my cat was doing after a recent surgery. Carla was able to reassure me that she was in no pain. Carla was able to describe Winnie accurately and I truly felt that she was linking to my cat. I was happy to hear what Winnie’s life plan is for me. I recommend a pet reading by Carla. Susan P.
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