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About Me

Looking back on my small town childhood I cannot say it was normal. I was the youngest of 4 children of  working class parents. I was always sensitive to animal's emotions and energy, more than humans. In fact I preferred the company of animals more than people. I matured quickly starting with my father's unexpected death when I was 7 years old. . Then my mother passed away when I was 17. From then on I had to depend largely on myself to make important life decision for my future. Where will I live? How will I support myself? What should I study in college? I made those decisions with serious introspection and what I was calling my 'gut feelings'. Now I know it was my intuitive skills guiding me where to go, when to go, and why I should go. 

Thankfully I made it through college and spent the past 30 years working as an Occupational Therapist. Although this is a stable and rewarding career I longed for something else, something that helped animals.


 In 2015 I became certified in Usui Reiki for humans and animals. I also found the Danielle MacKinnon School Soul Level Animal Communication® and signed up for classes just for fun. Honestly, I never planned to take all the classes however, the classes not only showed me I had intuitive skills but also fine tuned my intuitive skills and allowed me to trust the information I was receiving.  I followed my intuition, completed all the classes and now I am a Soul Level Animal Communicator®!!! I truly enjoy helping people and animals with my readings and energy healing. 


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